Pro Bono Bono

I know Bono gets criticised a lot for his ego and arrogance.

There is even a “joke” cause – “Make Bono’s Ego History” and  anti-Bono T-shirts!

As you know I am a big fan of Bono’s work in helping good causes. I am aware he polarizes people and annoys many – and there was a stage when he annoyed me.

I do however respect the way he uses his celebrity as currency. Sure, Bono does know how to be the centre of attention and how to “be Bono the mega-star”!

I heard a story the other day about the morehumble and quieter side of Bono.

I was chatting with an Australian film director and the director could tell I was a U2 fan – probably because of the U2 T-shirt I was wearing!

Anyway, the director tells me how one day he was visiting a friend in hospital…

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