Pro Bono Bono

Pro Bono Bono is about you  and for you – not just a fan’s gushing praise for U2 and Bono.

My main aim is to share with you how Bono and U2 can make you a better communicator – especially to help good causes.

First of all – it’s important that you know how I can help you.

Yes, I am a U2 fan. Yes, I know a lot about Bono and U2. (a Bonologist!). I’m a huge fan of the music – but an even bigger fan of  Bono’s good work helping good causes.  I’m also a fan of the words – the lyrics and especially Bono’s “speeches”.

Bono is a passionate and a effective  lyric and “speech” writer – and you often can hear the influence of one of his great heroes – Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).

I’m a professional communication coach and I  dedicate…

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