Pro Bono Bono

Chris Adams is a former Hollywood exec and Facebook exec I get lots of great Business and Communication advice from  – in this lo-fi/high-impact project: the Chris Adams Project


When “interviewing” Chris about why Chris gives his time and expertise often “pro bono” – I found out that Chris is also a big fan of Bono – Bono’s music, his advocacy and Bono’s sometimes “annoying” personality.

Chris was an exec for philanthropist Jeff Skoll’s Participant Media – responsible for socially-aware films such as “An Inconvenient Truth”.

As you know, I am a massive Bono fan and it was interesting to see that Chris was a fan too!

Chris often has a lot to say in the video project and when we got on the topic of Bono, Chris had lots of interesting comments too.

See what you think!

Chris is on the board of the Global Poverty…

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