Pro Bono Bono

If you are a spokesperson for a business or an NFP (not for profit) it’s important you know how to think on your feet and calmly shift from a negative angle to a positive message.

This skill can help at all levels of an organisation – in meetings and in presentations too.

When I train senior executives how to get their message across and how to handle questions in front of live audiences (in presentations) or in media interviews, I use many examples of prominent people who demonstrate effective techniques. One of those examples is Bono.

(I’m a big fan of Bono’s communicating and speaking skills as well as U2’s music. Harvard professors and the Harvard Business Review carefully study Bono and U2 – details in future post.)

Bono has his critics, but I hope you’ll agree, in this instructive example  he reframes from a negative angle to the 

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