If you want to spread your message to support a good cause – you can learn a lot from the ONE campaign.

ONE really harnesses the power of social media and the urge of many “fans” to want to contribute and create.

ONE has created a very effective platform for people to create very SHARE-ABLE content..

protest songs

ONE gives people the creative ingredients and then lets people easily put together their own creations and share them.

It’s based around the power of music and lyrics and famous Protest songs. And they go further in empowering people to add their own creative touch and share their creations. Check out the video – but please come back to the rest of this post!

I already knew many of the famous protest songs – but there were many more I hadn’t heard of.

I am enjoying working my way though the list and even refreshing my memory on songs I haven’t heard for a long time. I’m also enjoying seeing how different artists interpret classic songs.

It must have been a monumental task behind the scenes organising the artists and the legalities!

Of course the songs reflect many of the values for social change and equality that ONE advocates.

ONE is “educating” people – or rather letting them educate themselves about the power of protest through music and art. It reminds people of how creativity can make a difference.

Here’s the real power – people can create their own song ART – choosing from some backgrounds and picking lyrics.

Protest songs 1

Fans/followers  then share their own creations and spread the messages about the power of positive protest to their friends and social media followers and friends and fans. The message spreads.

These days with so many “tools” available – many people like to create not just consume!

You’ll note the ONE “branding” on the cards so people who haven’t heard about ONE find out about it.

I once heard Bono in an interview talk about  the practicality and importance of including lots of “fans” of differing degrees of intensity.

He said  something like (and I’m paraphrasing): it’s wise to also acknowledge and include people who want to show their support – even if it’s just by wearing the T-shirt..

With this protest song campaign ONE, fans can feel part of the “movement” but just wearing the T-shirt  OR listening to the music – OR creating their own CARDS – and sharing them.

Anyway, what can YOU borrow from this example  to promote your cause?

How can you encourage your supporters to have “guided creativity”.

You give them the ingredients and they create their own messages that they spread.

The ONE e-cards remind me of those e-cards you see all over Facebook – those cards where people can choose from available images and backgrounds – and add their own words. “Easy” Creative choice where someone else has done the hard work and you put your own cards together!

I’ve even created a few of those  light-hearted e-cards. Of course these cards that show YOUR creativity – are “branded” and spread the logo/name of the originator.


People are so busy these days with so many messages especially from social media – what works well is those simple eye-catching colourful “cards” with a distilled message. I know this may sound superficial to some – but these “branded” cards at least can hook the attention and make people want to find out more.

Anyway I better go – I have some protest songs to listen to!

If you’re interested, here’s a link to ONE:


So What is Pro Bono Bono?

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Communication Coaching + Pro bono helping good causes + Bono’s inspiration and example = Pro Bono Bono

You’ll learn how to improve the way you Present and Persuade by using communication techniques effectively used by Bono.

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