If you need to motivate and activate people to support your cause – you can learn a lot from Bono’s communication style as seen in the “just released” video of his recent TED2013 talk about Eradicating Extreme Poverty.

factivist Bono

I posted about his talk when he first made it in late February (based on all the text and quotations of his talk) – but  now TED has just released the video (Thursday US time)

In my uni days, my friends and  I would eagerly await the release of the latest U2 album – and we’d gather to play the vinyl (back then!) and talk about what we thought about the album. I was a fan of Bono the musician.

These days, as a business communication coach and supporter of good causes through Pro Bono Bono – I eagerly await  and analyse Bono’s  big speeches. I watched the TED2013 video as soon as I was notified it was released. Now, I’m even more of a fan of Bono the activist/factivist/communicator and persuader!

Here’s where YOU can watch the video:


And here’s where you can read my initial commentary about how Bono: shows progress – but also the peril of inaction.

Also the memorable “poetry” of his words : The opportunity is real – so is the jeopardy. As a lyricist – Bono has a good ear for the sound of words!


and here’s the original TED blog on his talk:


As you watch the video – look out for how Bono:

1.  stresses the positive progress – this gives hope

2. also reminds of the of slackening off and not “keeping the foot on he accelerator” (as he has said in other speeches)

3. ends strongly. He quotes someone else  (Wael Ghonim)- and they are great words that “build” with the repeated message “we’re going to winbecause…” and then that great last line:

“The power of the people is so much stronger than the people in power.” 

4. delivers in a style appropriate for the audience and occasion – enthusiastic and encouraging but with suitable restraint (like a good evidence-based factivist!)

Good onya Bono!

The video was worth waiting for!


If you or a good cause you support could use some pro bono help in how to use Bono’s techniques please feel free to contact me.


Also, if you know a high school that could benefit from a session on Bono’s use of words – please let me know. I have to fit my pro bono work in with my “paid” corporate consulting work.


I’m based in Brisbane, Australia – and I often travel for work to Sydney and Singapore.

There’s also the potential to travel to other parts of Asia-Pac and the US for my work too.

So What is Pro Bono Bono?

In a nutshell:

1. A dedicated Bono/U2 fan who loves to help organisations with pro bono (for good/for free)

2. Communication coaching  for good causes combines professional skills with passions

Communication Coaching + Pro bono helping good causes + Bono’s inspiration and example = Pro Bono Bono

You’ll learn how to improve the way you Present and Persuade by using communication techniques effectively used by Bono.

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