If you’re reading this you probably know a fair bit about Bono and his talents as a singer and a speaker for good causes.

One thing I found out only today – is that Bono can do a good impersonation of former US president Bill Clinton.

I was reading about his recent TED talk and through links to ONE I got to watch his speech at Georgetown University. The speech was from last year – but today was the first time I’d seen it. So glad I stumbled upon it!

Bono Clinton impersonation

See what you think in this short clip:

Bono and Clinton are fans of each other. Bono says Bill is a bigger “rock star” than he (Bono) is!

Here’s a link to Clinton “elevating” for Bono and here’s a pic from the link:

Bono Clinton


The  youtube clip (above) is from a longer speech Bono gave at Georgetown University (GU).

It’s a powerful speech about how technology can help social activism and good causes – and it’s worth the time to check it out.

Bono is such a “pro” in researching his audience and taking the time to tailor (and put in references) for his audience.

I love that whole US college scene – especially Commencement speeches! (Bono did a great Harvard Commencement speech too)


I studied journalism and law in the US at the University of Missouri-Columbia. It’s encouraging to see how many university students are getting involved with global aid and activism.  You can hear in the Georgetown University speech about student involvement.

It’s interesting because you can see how he used some of the good “lines” and themes from the Georgetown speech in his TED 2013 speech. He is into recycling too! 🙂

I don’t know if Bono invented or just quoted this line used in both the GU and the TED speeches – but it’s a great linenusing the rhetorical device Chiasmus – crossing (swapping words)

the power of the people is so much stronger than

the people in power.

Here’s a link to the full  GU speech (with video).


And here’s a link to the TED blog. The video isn’t public yet.


So What is Pro Bono Bono?

In a nutshell:

1. A dedicated Bono/U2 fan who loves to help organisations with pro bono (for good/for free)

2. Communication coaching  for good causes combines professional skills with passions

Slide18 copy

Communication Coaching + Pro bono helping good causes + Bono’s inspiration and example = Pro Bono Bono

You’ll learn how to improve the way you Present and Persuade by using communication techniques effectively used by Bono.

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