The TED talks have been described as the “Oscars” for speakers – and this week I’ve been following the Californian TED event from my home in Australia.

Being such a Bono fan – I was of course very interested in his talk – and I’ve also been very  keen to hear what Peter Gabriel has to say.

Two of the best concerts I’ve ever been to  in my life were – one by u2  AND another by Peter Gabriel.

I was very interested to watch an earlier TED video where Gabriel talks about how Bono was an is such a magnificent Hustler and how it was Bono who got Gabriel and other musicians hooked on helping good causes back in the 1980s.


I’m about to head off to work for the day – I’ll check on reports of the Gabriel talk later – but for now, here is that video I was telling you about.

I also found it moving with Gabriel sharing his personal reasons why he wants tpo empower people with cameras to fight “bullying” and human rights abuse!


Here’s a link to how Bono and Gabriel are two of (the many) highlights of TED 2013



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