The BEST way to present and persuade effectively part 1/6  – what you can learn from Bono and U2.

Would you like to learn how to improve your presenting and persuading –  in an interesting and memorable way?

Do you like concerts – U2 or Coldplay or YOUR favourite artist or band?

I’m back in the concert mood after taking my son to his very first concert – Coldplay. It would have been U2 if they had been touring! 🙂

This series on the BEST techniques will help you improve the way you present and persuade effectively.  I’ll be posting 1 part per week.

Even if you don’t like Bono or U2 – you can benefit from and learn from their highly successful example.

If you DO like Bono and U2 – even better!


It’s based around the memory device BEST and these tips will help you connect and engage with your audience and start strongly and finish strongly and keep your audience interested.


These tips will help your presentations, business pitches and even making training or inductions interesting.


First of all, for YOU to get the most out of this – please think of a concert you have been to that impressed you as THE BEST of one of the BEST concerts you’ve attended.


I’m a massive U2 fan – so I’ll be using U2 as an example. YOU can use any artists you like – it doesn’t have to be U2.

Think about your BEST concert and jot down answers to these 4 questions.

1. How did the artist or band Start the Concert? (how did the concert start – what song? )

2. What was the last song? How did they finish? The  very last song we are talking about – the last song of the encore.

3. What were your favourite parts of the show and the most memorable moments?

4. What did the artist or band do to engage with the audience – what did they do tat was different either to their normal style or to other acts you have seen?

O.K. keep your notes ready for the post next week – kicking off with the B in BEST.

So, what’s Pro Bono Bono all about?

In a nutshell:

– A dedicated Bono/U2 fan loves to help organisations with pro bono (for good/for free)

– Combines  professional skills (communication training and coaching) with main passions (music, powerful and inspiring speeches – MLK “I Have A Dream”)

Communication Coaching + Pro bono helping good causes + Bono’s inspiration and example Pro Bono Bono

I’m a professional communication coach and trainer and I help execs around the world.


My professional “paid” work enables me to  the Pro Bono work – helping out good causes.

The specially created Bono communication tips workshops are (true to the name) Pro Bono!

You’ll learn how to improve the way you Present and Persuade by using communication techniques effectively used by Bono.

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