As you may know, MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech had an everlasting effect on me.

I’m forever grateful to the high school teachers who first introduced me to it.


I’m  a big fan of U2 and Bono too – and Bono is a massive fan of MLK.

From Bono’s NAACP acceptance speech about the influence of MLK:

“Young people like me were parched for the vision that poured out of pulpits of black America and the vision of a black reverend from Atlanta – a man who refused to hate because he knew love would do a better job.” 

So here are links to some great versions of the U2 song MLK. Here are links to youtube. The live U2 version has a few sound challenges – must have been a wonky video tape they dubbed it from methinks! I didn’t upload these to youtube. I’m just sharing the links  – and sharing the love!


One is by U2 on the Conspiracy of Hope Tour and the other by a Choir (the version is sooooo beautiful)






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