Everybody makes mistakes and gets things so close but not totally correct – it’s how you recover.

Even Bono made a “close but not totally correct” mistake in his lyric for Pride (In the Name of Love) about the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. and his assassination.

Bono was close – the shot was in Memphis, it was on April 4 – but King was shot in the early evening not the early morning.

So in latter live versions Bono tweaks it  and sings “early evening April 4 a show rings out in a Memphis sky” – easily fixed!

He could have left it – but no, he corrected his mistake.

Speaking of so close but not totally correct – in a recent post I raved about the sensory power of a Bono lyric – “freedom has the scent like a newborn baby’s head”. Close – but the full lyric is the top of a newborn baby’s head.

That’s what happened when you speak or post off the top of your head!

Also, I had people wanting to know about the powerful example from Billy Bragg (bugger – I can’t remember if it’s one or 2 g’s!).

Anyway, the song is “Walk Away Renee” ( a play on the old song title “Don’t Walk Away Renee”) and the lyric is:

“I went home and thought about the two of them together until the bathwater went cold around me” Magic!

Please remember to send me your favourite lyrics using sensory language. You can suggest lyrics by U2  or other artists.


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