Pro Bono Bono is about you (U) and for – not just a fan’s gushing praise for U2 and Bono.

My main aim is to share with U how Bono and U2 can make U a better communicator – especially to help good causes.

It’s important that U know how I can help U.

Yes, I am a U2 fan. Yes, I know a lot about Bono and U2. (a Bonologist). I’m a huge fan of the music – but an even bigger fan of the words – the lyrics and especially Bono’s “speeches”. He is a passionate and bloody good lyric and “speech” writer and U can hear the influence of one of Bono’s great heroes Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).

I’m a professional communication coach and I  dedicate 10% of my services pro bono (for the good, for free) to help NFPs and good causes. I’m a Bono fan who is passionate about pro bono work – hence Pro Bono Bono!

I’ve been in love with the power of words since wonderful high school teachers (including a socially aware South African) got me hooked on good lyrics (starting with Paul Simon) and the powerful “I Have a Dream Speech” of Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo: Loving the 360 tour

Now, U and I  know Bono annoys some people – they think he is an arrogant “tosser”. That doesn’t stop him from popping his head above the parapet and working to do good. Some of my colleagues and friends may think I’m a tosser for being impressionable, so inspired by Bono, and for being too idealistic – stuck in 80’s optimism (big hair, big dreams – Live Aid, Feed the World, We are the World). They may have a point, but they know I mean well. For my Bonobsession (I call it appreciation) I got nicknames like Tono and Bono-cotti. 

U and I know there are more people out there (maybe U too) who appreciate his talent, commitment and hard work helping others.  Sure, he gets himself into trouble and gets criticized about tax minimisation, being “too preachy”, his ego, his consorting with conservative leaders that true activists should never share a photo op with. It’s funny I’ve found lots of Irish people are not always the most ardent Bono fans.

He occasionally screws up – but he doesn’t give up. He always gets back up and keeps going.

When U need energy to keep going

When I need a hit of energy and enthusiasm to keep me going, when I’m physically and mentally exhausted, I listen to U2 music. One of my all-time pick-me-up favourites is that dramatic and ecstatic build in Where The Streets Have No Name. It re-fills my empty tank. It never fails!

This is how I am these daysthis is how I feel after a hit of U2 - back to uni day enthusiasm

Photos: The  more responsible, mature me these days and how I feel after a hit of U2 music or listening to a Bono speech – like I’m back at uni in the 80s with old-school 8O’s optimism, enthusiasm and energy.

This is my first post so when I get photos of U – I’ll use your shots!

What’s your favourite U2 pick-me-up?

When I need a hit of energy and enthusiasm I watch the youtube clip of Bono’s stirring Award Acceptance Speech at the NAACP. I watch it at least once a week. Ushould watch it too – even if you’ve seen it before. Some may find it too preachy. Most people seem to love it. One young woman I was helping improve her communication was so moved by it she burst into tears.

youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1GRj5UvVBA

In later posts I’ll share with U how U can use Bono’s NAACP example to move and inspire people. I’ll break it down for U into achieveable steps.

Remember “this is about U”

I’d love to hear from U about any or all of the following:

• What’s your honest reaction to Bono’s acceptance speech?

• What Bono lyrics connect with and move you? Why?

• What’s your favourite U2 pick-me-up?

• If you are a Bono/U2 fan, why?

I aim to include your experiences and input to illustrate examples into upcoming “lessons”.

I am trying to do the “right thing” regarding the copyright of U2’s images. I’m seeking approval and permission to use certain images – especially from Australian photographers. (Support and credit the locals, I say!)

I also plan to use your experiences, input, opinion and photos to go with your input I may use.

I’m looking for photos of fans, not the band. Remember, this is about U!

If U know of other people who could benefit from these Bono lessons please let them know about this blog..

This is not just a U2 fan page. There are enough of those. This is for people who want to improve their communication – in a fun and memorable way.

Please remember to share:

• your comments and input on your favourite Bono lyrics, your reaction to his NAACP Acceptance speech, favourite U2 pick-me-up song etc.

• photos of U – preferably U with Bono-esque glasses (in whatever “uniform” your job/passion requires (e.g. fireperson, corporate executive, nurse, netballer, footballer, parent, priest, musician, electrician, politician, acrobat, refugee – Now I’m starting to borrow U2 song titles!)

• this with other people you think could benefit from this passion-driven project.

This is my first post. I’m confident it will get much better! The posts will be shorter and punchier – with lots of tips and examples. I had to set the scene with this first one!

Tony Biancotti


Pro Bono Bono

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